Electric Scalp Massager is a waterproof handheld device that relaxes your entire body and promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp area. It comes with a waterproof charging base and a USB charging cable to let your stress melt away no matter where you are. The massage head is ergonomically curved to follow the contours of the head; it offers hand-simulating massage with 2-speed tension.

Customers that purchased this product point out that both the size and the weight are perfect for the average-sized hand. It’s said to help the shoulders relax after a long day at the office working on the computer. It’s also very convenient to carry, as it comes with a case. Many reviewers stated their pain and tension have diminished significantly after a comparatively short period of using the device. They also mentioned it’s a perfect gift for your loved ones. The device is made from high quality material and is nice to touch.

The only con, according to some users, is the price: it could be lower. But they still agree that if used often and regularly, it’s till good value for the money.

Review-based rating: 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Price range: $79.99
Portable: yes
Adjustable settings: yes
Heat feature: no

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