Prikola Electric Head Massager

Prikola Electric Massage comb can be used for your head, neck and scalp; it’s aimed at helping you improve sleep and cope with fatigue. You can use it as a household massage comb to improve scalp blood flow, get a micro vibration massage for relaxing stressed muscles, or a regular vibration massage for deep relaxation and tress reductions. It can also be used as a simple operation massage tool. Contrary to what the manufacturer claims, reviews state that the shape isn’t conducive to a good scalp massage, and you basically feel the vibrations that do not do for you what’s promised.

Some customers still find it efficient enough to relax the tension in the back of the neck. It seems like a good pick for people that like their head, neck and shoulders scratched but have no one that would do it for them regularly. The massage is said to be particularly invigorating and quite enjoyable on freshly washed damp hair. Another advantage is that it’s very ergonomic and nice to hold in your hand.

Rating: 3.6 Stars (3.6 / 5)
Price range: $19.99
Portable: yes
Adjustable settings: no
Heat feature: no

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